Why SecuraShield?

SecuraShield Technology

The detection engine works productively to identify and stop new threats.

Data Loss Prevention (USB Mass Storage)

Stops and removes viruses from automatically launching and distributing to other systems.

Proactive, Real Time Protection

Proactively identifies previously unknown malware in real time.

Acts as the First Layer of Defense

It works to instantly protect your home networks.

Time Control & Management

Allows you complete control over when people spend time online.

Malicious URL Protection

Provides another, network-based, layer of detection.


Checks each accessed URL against our comprehensive database of known phishing sites.

Web Protection

Blocks websites in more than 100 potentially malicious and inappropriate categories.

Updates & Upgrades

Newly created virus signatures are rolled out on hourly basis, 24-7-365 days. Best of all we provide free upgrade to all of customers.